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Invisalign Cost: Is it Really Worth it?

Make smart choices for your teeth and your budget. The cost of any alignment correction is going to be significant no matter what kind of treatment option you go with. That means your priority shouldn’t be finding the cheapest option available but finding the most valuable option instead. Learn what’s included in the Invisalign cost, and decide for yourself if it’s money well spent.

Understanding the True Invisalign Cost


Invisalign corrects alignment issues using clear plastic straighteners to shift teeth slowly and subtly into the correct position. In most cases, the cost of these straighteners is comparable to traditional braces that use brackets and wires to accomplish the same goal. But, as you will soon learn, Invisalign provides extra value in other ways.


In general, patients who elect to pursue Invisalign require fewer visits to the dentist overall. The cost of ongoing visits can add up fast. Plus, you have to factor in the time it takes to travel to the office, sit in the waiting room, and wait patiently in the dentist’s chair. If you have to leave work or school to make these visits, they can quickly become an unwelcome interruption.


Traditional braces are both complicated and sensitive. It doesn’t take much to damage a wire or bracket, and when you do, you’ll be required to pay to repair the damage or else risk compromising your treatment. Invisalign, by contrast, is quite difficult to damage. And since the straighteners are removable, you can take them out whenever they might be at risk. Better still, if the straighteners do become damaged, you’re entitled to free replacements.


When you have a mouth full of metal, it’s not uncommon for the teeth, gums, and cheeks to become irritated. You also have to carefully watch what you eat and completely change the way you brush and floss. Basically, this treatment option is inconvenient at best and painful at worst. Since the Invisalign straightener is made of soft plastic, it doesn’t irritate the inside of the mouth. And since it can be removed at will, you can simply take it out, eat and brush like normal, and then put it back in. Being able to enjoy your normal routine is a valuable benefit for a lot of patients.

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Explore Invisalign Cost at MyOrthodontist

Let’s recap: Invisalign is comparably priced to the alternatives but provides a number of benefits you can’t get anywhere else. All things considered, the true Invisalign cost is lower than traditional braces. If you or your child requires an alignment correction treatment, this is an option that deserves your consideration.

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