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10 Reasons to Choose Invisalign Teen

Your teen is at an age where fitting in is so important, and Invisalign Teen helps minimize the impact of “getting braces.” Invisalign Teen is quickly becoming the solution of choice for teens that need to correct alignment issues and want to avoid traditional braces. Here’s why:

The Ultimate Teeth Straightening Solution for Teens


Invisalign Teen aligners are molded out of a clear plastic material, making it nearly impossible for other people to see them on the teeth. That virtually eliminates the embarrassment of wearing braces.


Small indicators built into the aligners reveal if they are being worn properly and as frequently as necessary. That helps improve patient cooperation and produce a better result faster.


Align Technologies, the makers of Invisalign Teen, offer up to six free replacement trays. That means it’s not the end of the world if one (or three) of them gets lost.


Invisalign Teen can be used to correct a wide range of alignment issues, from mild to severe, and is equally effective in all situations.


Compared to wearing traditional braces, Invisalign teen requires far fewer visits to the dentist. That’s because emergency visits are almost never necessary. Both parents and teens will appreciate spending less time in the waiting room.


Foods like candy, nuts, and chips can cause problems with traditional braces and must largely be avoided. Since Invisalign Teen aligners can be removed at any time, it’s not a problem to keep eating your favorite snacks.


It’s easy to maintain great oral health with Invisalign Teen since the aligner can simply be slipped off the teeth when it’s time to brush and floss.


The cost of Invisalign Teen is equivalent to traditional braces. And thanks to flexible payment plans, correcting alignment issues doesn’t have to put stress on the family budget.


Since the aligners are made of plastic and don’t use any brackets or wires, there is no risk of the inside of the mouth becoming cut or irritated.


Traditional braces can make it difficult to play sports or certain musical instruments. That’s never a problem when you can simply take the Invisalign Teen aligner out.

The American Dental Association even has a section of their website dedicated to teens and their dental health concerns, from getting braces to the effects of poor nutrition and smoking.

MyOrthodontist is Your Source for Invisalign Teen

At MyOrthodontist, we believe strongly in the benefits of Invisalign Teen over traditional braces. Many of our patients came to us worried about getting braces but left with a huge feeling of relief when they learned about this easy, invisible, pain-free alternative. Find out if Invisalign Teen is right for you by scheduling an appointment at one of our orthodontic offices located throughout North Carolina.

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