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Dental Pain Eraser

Eliminate Patient Pain with the Dental Pain Eraser

Our team at MyOrthodontist understands how stressful dental and orthodontic appointments can feel for our patients. Patients are often nervous about committing to their treatment because they’re anxious it will hurt. Well, Dr. Moray and our entire team at MyOrthodontist have invested in a revolutionary electronic anesthesia device that can eliminate your pain before, during, and after your procedures.

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How Synapse Dental Pain Eraser Works

Two factors that ease the minds of our anxious patients are being well-informed about treatment and having reassurance that treatment won’t cause them pain or discomfort. The Synapse Dental Pain Eraser “pen” prevents pain by sending gentle, electronic pulses to nerves in the mouth, blocking and preventing orthodontic pain altogether. Our MyOrthodontist patients can enjoy a pain-free, needle-free, and numbing-free treatment process with the use of the award-winning, FDA-cleared Synapse Dental Pain Eraser! The pen provides relief for up to 48 hours after its use and allows comfort with the following:

  • New braces, aligners, and bite correction appliances
  • Braces Adjustments
  • Wire and rubber band changes
  • Bite Sensitivity
  • Aphthous ulcers (canker sores)
  • Bracket Removal
  • Other dental applications such as whitening, extractions, and TMJ/TMD relief

Our Care for Excellence Extends Beyond Our Practice 

Because our team is dedicated to providing you with the best treatment journey, we are here to ensure pain and discomfort are managed, even after you leave our office. We can prescribe you a Dental Pain Eraser for at-home use, so your entire treatment journey can be comfortable and pain-free. Simply apply the device to the tooth or gum experiencing pain; in less than two minutes, you will experience relief from your discomfort. Now you can remain comfortable and pain-free before, during, and even after your appointment.

If you’re interested in learning more about MyOrthodontist and our Synapse Dental Pain Eraser, or if you’re ready to schedule your first appointment, call our office today!

Dental Pain Eraser - FAQ

How does the Dental Pain Eraser work?

It uses Pulsewave™ technology, sending gentle subsensory electric pulses to calm the nerves and block oral pain in the mouth. The user may feel a light pulse or tingle when using it.

Gently place both metal tips on your sensitive tooth or gums, and your pain will begin disappearing in seconds, with pain relief lasting for up to 48 hours.

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to use the Dental Pain Eraser at home.

The Dental Pain Eraser can be used for hard or soft oral tissue. You can apply the Dental Pain Eraser to your tooth or gum to prevent and relieve pain and sensitivity from dental cleanings, extractions, surgery, implants or orthodontics (braces), as well as oral disorders such as canker sores and TMJ/TMD.

The Dental Pain Eraser can prevent or relieve pain within 30 seconds, with pain relief lasting up to 48 hours with no side effects.

While the Dental Pain Eraser is extremely safe and can be applied for an extended period, we recommend a maximum of 10 minutes of application per session.

The Dental Pain Eraser has been cleared for use with all age groups, including children and adults. 

It is drug-free, needle-free, and numb-free, and is extremely safe without known adverse effects, allergic reactions, or harm to a patient.

Cleaning the unit and tips after use is easy with a light rinse with water, and disinfection with a cotton application of 70% alcohol of the probe tips, before re-application. The Dental Pain Eraser is not designed to be submerged underwater for any period.

The Dental Pain Eraser requires a prescription from a licensed dental professional. Ask your dental professional how you can purchase your own Dental Pain Eraser today.

The Dental Pain Eraser patient Rx home model is disposable and not rechargeable. It is programmed to last 100 minutes after which it is then discarded. This is indicated when the blue light no longer turns on.

The duration of the Dental Pain Eraser is sufficient for comprehensive orthodontic treatment (18-24 months) and nearly all dental disorders. Some exceptions can include TMJ/TMD.

The Dental Pain Eraser has not been cleared to be used in those who are pregnant, or those with seizures or pacemakers.

Yes, the Dental Pain Eraser has been rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness as part of FDA clearance.

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