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Could My Smile Benefit from Invisalign Express?

Restore your smile in a fraction of the time. Invisalign showed doctors and patients alike that correcting alignment issues did not have to involve painful and unsightly brackets and wires. Now Invisalign Express is proving that correcting many of those same issues doesn’t have to take years. Could you be a candidate for this revolutionary treatment option? Ask yourself these questions to find out:

Questions to Ask about Invisalign Express

Are You Looking for Quick Results?

Traditionally, the Invisalign treatment involves a series of 20-30 straighteners. Each is slightly different to slowly correct your alignment issues. Invisalign Express, by comparison, makes use of ten or fewer straighteners. In practice, the treatment can take as little as six months to complete.

Do You Have Minor Alignment Issues?

Since Invisalign Express utilizes fewer straighteners over a shorter period of time, it’s only a treatment option for patients with minor alignment issues. Patients with more significant issues will either need to consider regular Invisalign or some other form of treatment. A consultation with a qualified orthodontist can confirm whether or not you’re eligible for Invisalign Express.

Are You Preparing for Another Procedure?

Invisalign Express is often used to help straighten the teeth before certain restorative or cosmetic procedures like having dental veneers installed. Being proactive in the early stages help to improve the quality and longevity of the final procedure. If you want your smile to look better for longer, ask your orthodontist if Invisalign Express could be part of your treatment plan.

Would You Like to Spend Less on Treatment?

As you would expect, Invisalign Express costs quite a bit less than the traditional form of Invisalign. If you thought this option was off the table because of your budget or insurance, the faster form of treatment might still be a possibility. Just remember that only some patients are eligible, and it’s not a substitute for other forms of alignment correction.

Do You Want to Avoid Traditional Braces?

There are many people, adults, and teens alike, who dread the thought of wearing traditional braces. Invisalign Express utilizes the same soft, clear plastic straighteners of traditional Invisalign. That means they don’t change your appearance, don’t force you to change your lifestyle, and don’t hurt the inside of your mouth. It’s a simple way to avoid everything that makes you anxious about traditional braces.

Explore Invisalign Express at MyOrthodontist

Invisalign Express is a great example of why you don’t have to live with crooked teeth and a lopsided smile. Find out if you’re a candidate for this fast, easy, comfortable, nearly invisible form of treatment. Schedule a consultation at MyOrthodontist office location closest to you.

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