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Invisalign Adult: Understanding the Benefits

Correct your alignment issues in a better way. If you’re an adult who has misaligned teeth, you’re probably worried about the stigma attached to adults with braces. As a result, you may have put off treatment and only made the situation worse. The exciting news is that there is an alternative to traditional braces that works just as well without causing nearly the embarrassment.

Great Reasons to Consider Invisalign Adult

It’s called Invisalign Adult, and it’s changing the way people think about lifelong alignment treatments. Here are some of the most exciting benefits:

They Look Like Your Natural Teeth

Invisalign Adult is made from a clear plastic material that is almost invisible to the naked eye. That means you can wear the straighter anywhere at any time – work, on a date, running errands – and not feel like people are staring at your teeth and comparing you to a teenager.

You Can Eat What You Want

When you have traditional braces your diet become a lot more limited. And it often means giving up the things you most like to eat. Invisalign Adult can be easily removed during mealtimes so that you don’t have to turn eating into a chore. Your diet stays the same, and you don’t have to worry about damaging the straighter.

Your Teeth Stay Clean and Healthy

In the same way, that eating becomes a chore with traditional braces, oral care gets a lot harder too. You have to carefully brush and floss around the brackets and wires, and it’s not uncommon for damage to occur. Plus, the metal materials can irritate the teeth and gums. Invisalign Adult is comfortable to wear, safe on sensitive tissue, and slides right out when you’re ready to brush and floss.

The Cost is the Same or Less

Believe it or not, the cost of Invisalign Adult is comparable to traditional braces. And since it’s a lot less likely that you will damage the straighter, you don’t have to worry about unexpected charges appearing. Wearing Invisalign Adult typically also involves less time visiting the dentist, and for many people time is more valuable than money.

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MyOrthodontist Loves Invisalign Adult

There is no reason that you should have to hide your smile, feel embarrassed about your teeth, or worry about what people will think of a grown person wearing braces.

At MyOrthodontist, our team of orthodontists and dental health professionals have seen over and over how effective Invisalign Adult is and what a welcome alternative it is for our patients. If you’d like to learn more, make a no-obligation appointment at one of our convenient locations.

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