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Best Ways to Clean Invisalign Every Time: Tips and Tricks

Keep Invisalign clean for a bright, healthy smile. There is a lot to love about Invisalign. It’s nearly invisible. It’s comfortable to wear. It’s effective for treating lots of alignment issues. And it’s affordable for all patients. But one of the very best things about Invisalign is that you can take it out when you eat, brush and floss, or play sports or instruments. You can also take it out to clean it, ensuring better breath and optimal oral health.

What Are the Best Ways to Clean Invisalign?

Outlined below are some of the best ways to keep a clean Invisalign:

Clean Regularly and Often

If you don’t clean your straightener it can cause plaque and bacteria to build up. Over time, that puts both your straightener and your teeth and gums and risk. For that reason, you should clean your Invisalign every day. Make it a part of your normal oral care routine, and it will quickly become second nature.

Pick Your Product

There are a number of different products you can use to clean your Invisalign. There is one made by the creators of Invisalign that is obviously highly effective, but it’s not necessary to use a specialized product. In most cases the toothpaste that you are already using will effectively prevent the buildup of plaque and harmful bacteria. Just be sure not to soak your straightener in mouthwash. This passive method is tempting, but it could potentially damage the straightener.

Brush, Rinse, and Dry

The best ways to clean your Invisalign are the same ways you clean your teeth. Place a small amount of toothpaste on a toothbrush and gently brush all sides of the straightener. Some people prefer to use a baby toothbrush for this to avoid causing damage, but it’s not necessary as long as you’re not extremely forceful. Then rinse the straightener thoroughly under lukewarm (not hot) water, and place it on a dry towel to air dry. Since you wouldn’t want to put a clean straighter on dirty teeth, use the drying time to brush and floss. Then simply put the straightener back in and go on with your day.

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Get the Most from Invisalign with MyOrthodontist

Once you get into the habit of brushing your straightener it becomes routine. If you have questions about caring for your straightener or anything else about Invisalign, the team at MyOrthodontist is the first one to consult. Reach out to us to get all the information you need at one of our many North Carolina office locations.

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