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Top 10 Myths of Orthodontic Treatment

Everyone knows what a dentist does. But there is still a lot of confusion about the work or orthodontists. We want everyone to enjoy a beautiful smile and feel comfortable about getting the orthodontic treatment they require. That’s why we have debunked some of the most common myths.

All Orthodontists Are Dentists First

Myth: Braces have to hurt to work.

Fact: It used to be true that wearing braces was often a painful process. But now thanks to improvements in the materials being used there is significantly less discomfort. Braces work better than ever without causing the patient pain.

Myth: Braces have to be tight to work.

Fact: It’s a common misconception that the tighter braces are the better they work and the faster they come off. The truth is that too much tightness is bad for your teeth and won’t fix alignment issues any faster.

Myth: Braces wires need constant changing.

Fact: Older orthodontic treatments required that wires be changed often. Thanks to the improved materials we use today, however, wires require only occasional changing.

Myth: Braces are the only treatment for alignment issues.

Fact: Braces are still the most common treatment, but alternatives are now available. Invisalign, for example, is quickly becoming one of the most popular orthodontic treatments because it delivers the benefits of braces while being nearly invisible. An orthodontist can help you explore your options.

Myth: Braces start working immediately.

Fact: The treatment begins working as soon as the braces go on, but the change is imperceptible for a while. In some cases new spaces even appear. By the time the braces come off though, the alignment issues do get resolved.

Myth: Braces are a permanent solution.

Fact: Alignment issues are caused by natural forces that affect patients throughout their lives. Retainers are often used at night to help people keep their teeth straight once the braces come off.

Myth: Wisdom teeth are causing my alignment issues.

Fact: There is almost no evidence to support this idea. Wisdom teeth can cause their own problems, but they don’t cause patients to need braces.

Myth: Any overbite is bad

Fact: A mild overbite is common and should not be a cause for alarm. In fact, it may even prevent front teeth from wearing down because of the reduced amount of friction.

Myth: The date for getting my braces removed is guaranteed.

Fact: The duration of this orthodontic treatment is an estimation and a number of factors can prolong it. Your doctor can give you a reliable time frame, but no date is set in stone.

Myth: Orthodontists are interchangeable.

Fact: You are free to switch doctors whenever you choose but each one will handle orthodontic treatments a little differently. For the sake of your smile it’s best to commit to one and stick with them.

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