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Valentine’s Day – Chocolate and Dental Care

Be good for your partner and your teeth this Valentine’s Day

If you had never seen or celebrated a Valentine’s Day before, it would be easy to conclude that the holiday was about chocolate rather than love and romance. One of the biggest images of the holiday is the ubiquitous box of chocolates, followed closely by chocolate covered berries, chocolate fondue, chocolate kisses and on and on. As tempting as it may be to indulge in something rich and sweet this Valentine’s Day, remember that sticky, sugary treats like chocolate are really bad for your teeth.

Chocolate and Teeth – A Match Not Made in Heaven

We’ve come up with a few tips to help you and your teeth to enjoy chocolate after the holiday:

Eat an Alternative

Chocolate is not as bad for your teeth as some other types of candy, but it’s still not good for them. If you do not have intense chocolate cravings, why not skip it entirely this Valentine’s Day? There are plenty of other foods that are tasty, sweet, and even romantic that are also a lot better for your teeth. Consider baked goods, fresh fruit, or nuts.

Eat in Moderation

If you can’t resist the chocolate don’t worry – you’re not going to end up with a mouth full of cavities from eating a piece or two (or ten). The key is to eat chocolate in moderation. Instead of gorging on a bunch of sweet, simple chocolate treats, think about spending a little more on something that highlights the deep and dynamic flavors of the cocoa bean. You will savor the experience a lot more, and feel less enticed to keep eating.

Brush Often

One good thing about eating chocolate is that your saliva is able to wash most of it off your teeth. But most is not all, and you will need to use a toothbrush and paste to ensure that all the cavity-causing sugar is off your teeth. Make it a point to brush soon after eating chocolate, and if you can’t brush rinse your mouth out with water. Valentine’s Day is a great day to have fresh breath anyway.

Kiss More

Kissing stimulates the production of saliva, which naturally washes the mouth out. If you and your special someone plan to incorporate chocolate into your Valentine’s Day celebration, use the romantic mood to do something good for your teeth.

Show Love to Your Teeth All Year Round

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day of the year when you eat chocolate. And chocolate is not the only food that is bad for your teeth. There is a close relationship between your diet, your oral care routine, and the health of your teeth and gums. Taking a proactive approach can protect your smile for a lifetime and save you from a lot of time in the dentist’s chair. Get the oral care expertise you need throughout the year at MyOrthodontist location closest to you.

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