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Invisalign Providers in North Carolina

Important research to do before picking a provider.  Invisalign is a great product that has revolutionized the way people think about correcting alignment issues. But the product is only half the equation. You also need to pick the right provider to help design and guide your corrective treatment. In the hands of the right doctor, your experience with Invisalign will be a lot easier, and the end result will look a lot better. Here are a few strategies to help you find and compare Invisalign providers in North Carolina and make the best choice for you.

How to Find Invisalign Providers in North Carolina

Ask Invisalign

The Invisalign company itself provides a helpful feature that allows you to simply enter your zip code and find Invisalign providers near you. Better yet, they provide rankings of these provides based on their own standards for treatment and quality. The rankings work like this:

  • Preferred Provider – Has completed 10 Invisalign continuing education cases per year and has used Invisalign to treat 10 cases per year.
  • Premier Provider – Has treated at least 50 cases in a lifetime including at least 24 cases every 6 months.
  • Premier Elite Provider – Has treated at least 300 lifetime including at least 48 cases every six months.

Some unscrupulous outlets will claim to have these credentials fraudulently. Be sure to only trust the Invisalign website as your source of information.

Ask for a Recommendation

If you know someone that’s had experience with Invisalign or happen to meet someone using the product, ask them who they recommend. These recommendations are helpful because they tell you about the actual patient experience. Invisalign ranks doctors by the number of treatments, but not necessarily by the quality of those treatments. If someone comes highly recommended you know they will probably treat you like a human being and not just a set of teeth.

Ask for a Second Opinion

Most doctors are happy to provide you with a consultation if you are considering Invisalign. But just because you take advantage of the consultation doesn’t mean you have to make any commitments. Schedule consultations with several and see who you like the best. Take note of the office, the supporting staff, and the doctor’s bedside manner. You should also ask to see real before and after pictures. Anything that affects something as important as your smile is a big decision. Don’t feel pressured to jump into anything.

Invisalign Providers in North Carolina – MyOrthodontist

Here at MyOrthodontist we are proud to be a Premier Elite Provider and one of the state’s biggest advocates for Invisalign. And since we have offices throughout the state it’s easy to find a provider near you. Check our list of offices to find the nearest location.

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