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Preparing For Braces the North Carolina Way

As we know, preparing for braces is something of a commitment, though one that pays off in terms of how you look and feel. To make sure you (or your child) get the most out of treatment, you will want to do some things to get ready for braces.

That said, preparing for braces “The North Carolina Way” might be a little different. That shouldn’t be surprising: This is a state that revels in vinegar barbecue sauce, prefers sweet tea to regular iced tea, and that brags about being able to wear flip-flops year round. And we see getting braces as a positive, wonderful thing.

So what makes preparing for braces in North Carolina different? We’ll tell you!

Different Styles for Everyone

Many people find braces embarrassing and try to hide them. But a lot of people in North Carolina take pride in them, getting fancy colors for their elastics and wires. Also, seeing kids with black elastics for Halloween, and red and green one for Christmas is its own sort of treat.

That said, there are many options for hiding braces as well. Most of MyOrthodontist orthodontists in North Carolina offer lingual braces to hide the brackets behind the teeth, ceramic braces to blend in with teeth, and clear, removable Invisalign tooth aligners.


Talking it Over

Granted, the people of North Carolina are better known for being people of action, not chit-chat. But when it comes to orthodontics, professionals in the area prefer discussing the process so that everyone knows what to expect.

This is especially important if you are getting braces for your children. Kids might not know what to expect with braces: Some might be anxious about how they look or feel, others may be surprised at how long they have to wear them, and consequently many might resent the extra care and cleaning upkeep they need. Many kids will need extra convincing that they do, in fact, need braces. Furthermore, braces preparation for children is the key to success.

Preparing for Braces

In preparation for the big day when you or your child gets those braces put on, we recommend a few simple pieces of advice:

Stock up on soft foods

Braces put pressure on teeth, and this can make them sensitive when they are first applied (or when tightened). Softer foods—like soups, stews, and jello— are recommended for this transition period. (We’re thinking crab bisque for the adults, and soft mac-and-cheese for the kids, right?)

Learn which foods to avoid

At MyOrthodontist, we tell people all the time what foods to avoid with braces. This applies to holiday treats as well! If you and your child know what foods to avoid, it will help prevent problems down the road.

Invest in a water pick

Brushing around braces can be tricky, and you can’t always dislodge food and plaque with a toothpick or piece of floss. However, a water-pick is a handy (even fun!) way to get that extra cleaning power.

Get into the mouthwash habit

Cleaning around braces can be hard. The swishing one does with mouthwash can help dislodge food even as it fights cavities, adds fluoride, and helps freshen your breath.

Ask for orthodontic wax.

Most orthodontists will give you dental wax to cover any rough edges or wire ends you might feel. If not, ask for it!

Think positive

Finally, don’t dwell on how long it takes for braces to do their thing, or on how painful they are. Think about how those braces are working, night and day, to straighten your teeth and improve your smile!

Find a North Carolina Orthodontist to Get Your Braces Done Right

In conclusion, preparing for braces is easy, follow these tips and they can help make your orthodontic experience even easier. If you are looking for someone who does braces in North Carolina, you’re in luck. MyOrthodontist has locations across the state, and we are more than happy to prepare you for your new smile.


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