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Convey More with Color: What Colors of Braces Should You Choose?

You’ve embraced the idea that you’re going to have braces the next couple of years. Why not have a little fun with them? There are several colors of braces you can choose from, and many people with braces like to use them as another way to show off their personality.

Wait, Braces Come in Colors?

Braces have many different parts, including brackets, archwire, metal bands (o-rings for back teeth), and elastics or bands made of rubber that go around each bracket.

Of course, you may choose ceramic braces (and brackets) if you want to keep your braces low profile, or you may opt for Invisalign if you’d like to keep your dental treatment as invisible as possible! If you’ve chosen either of these options, you’re probably not looking to add color to your mouth, though.

(See here for more on clear braces vs. metal braces.)

On the other hand, if you’re getting typical steel braces, your brackets and wires will be silver. It’s the tiny elastics (or bands) that allow you to colorize your mouth! Choosing different bands will allow you to show off different colors, or even an entire color scheme.

Can’t Decide on Colors for Your Braces? Experiment!

Because the elastics on your metal braces get changed during your orthodontic visits every 4 to 6 weeks, you don’t have to settle for just one color or color scheme through your entire treatment. You can switch colors each visit

We have seen a lot of patients who like a color, but then realize that they don’t want that color in their mouth, per se. Others love the idea of holiday colors…But naturally don’t want the same colors year round!

So experiment a little and see which colors of braces work best for you.

Are There Colors of Braces to Avoid?

Honestly, we here at MyOrthodontist feel that any color bands are OK for braces, as long as they are colors that you are happy with. While certain colors might make us feel one way or another, there are no “right” or “wrong” colors.

That said, we often hear bits of advice from patients about one color or another. These are just a few things to consider when picking out colors for braces:

Red: Some patients said that with red bands, people would sometimes stop and ask if their gums were bleeding, or what was wrong with their mouth. Red works best when contrasting with another color or two.

Dark green: Sometimes darker green bands get mistaken for a piece of food in your teeth. This can be fixed by going with a lighter green or mixing in different colors.

Black and gray: We’ve had some people say that really dark bands, back or gray, made their teeth look “rotten” from a distance. That would be a cool look for around Halloween, but maybe not for the rest of the year.

White: Some people get white bands thinking it will help hide the brackets. But white bands are going to be a more pure white than any naturally occurring teeth (no matter how much whitening you’ve done!) The result can be teeth that look dingy or even yellow.

Any Other Questions About Your Braces?

We recommend checking out our quick “Braces 101: Your Starter Guide.” This outlines the braces process and answers many common questions about braces that patients have.

If you haven’t selected an orthodontist yet to help you decide on the best options for braces or Invisalign, please call us here at MyOrthodontist. We can answer your questions and set up a first visit/consultation with you.

Our orthodontic services provide patients with straighter teeth and a more attractive smile, not to mention a boost in self–confidence. We aim to make your (or your child’s) orthodontic experiences pain-free and pleasant from the moment you walk in the door and through every visit.

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