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Orthodontics as Self-Care?

Times have changed, and so has the technology and patient care. Orthodontic care, in particular, has come a long way, and more adults are seeking it every year.

Why not consider thinking of orthodontic care as self-care? Instead of looking at it as a hassle and expense, look at it as a sound investment into a healthier, happier you for the long and short term.

Orthodontics for Adults

Orthodontic care is no longer just for kids and teenagers. Since Invisalign came onto the market, more and more adults seek out orthodontic care every year. Adult orthodontics is important because straight teeth are much more than a pretty smile.

Gone are the days of chunky metal braces with colorful rubber bands. They are still a treatment option for some, but adults have much better options now for treating crooked or misaligned teeth.


MyClearALIGN! is an FDA-approved innovative, patent-pending, invisible clear aligner solution consisting of a series of clear trays that go over your teeth and move them gently and discreetly to improve your smile. Invisible braces from home. No excessive attachments or unnecessary refinements, as you may be treated remotely using a dental monitoring scan box under the care of a licensed orthodontist.

How does MyClearALIGN! treatment work?

With the Dental Monitoring app and ScanBox, you can send in photos of your teeth and communicate with your practice securely from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere in the world. After your initial consultation, your orthodontist will review your treatment progress at every scan (every one or two weeks) and message instructions and encouragement along the way. Fewer in-person visits give you more free time and flexibility using our dental monitoring scan box.

MyOrthodontist’s experienced orthodontists believe anytime is the right time to get the smile of your dreams. To find out more about clear aligners and how they can work for you, call MyOrthodontist or request a consultation online today.

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