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New Year, New You with Braces!

Here are the most common types of braces that could define your year and give you the beautiful smile you’ve been waiting for.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most common option for various reasons, including durability and cost. While they have been around for decades, constant innovation means that metal braces are more advanced than ever and are a great option for straightening teeth, especially in severe cases.

Ceramic Braces

While they work similarly to metal braces, ceramic braces are a popular choice among many patients because they are less visible due to their clear color. Ceramic braces may be a great option if you want spectacular results without the aesthetic concerns caused by metal braces.

MyClearALIGN! Clear Aligner Treatment

MyOrthodontist is now offering a patent-pending Clear Aligner solution called MyClearALIGN!, which, when paired with a Dental Monitoring Scan Box, allows you to be treated almost entirely remotely under the direct care of one of our licensed orthodontists. The most advanced care managed conveniently to your busy schedule.


Invisalign uses flexible, clear plastic aligner trays that focus on your alignment and bite concerns and needs, to swiftly correct any issues you have. In addition, the innovative align trays are custom fabricated to your teeth to ensure a perfect fit every step of the way.

With Invisalign clear aligners, like MyClearALIGN!, it may take 8-12 months to fix most alignment issues, but every individual is different and complex issues may take a bit longer to fix. Treatment and results will vary for each person and their concerns.

When you visit MyOrthodontist for adult braces, you can expect attentive, professional, and patient-centered care. Before making any recommendations, the team schedules a complimentary braces consultation.


During the consultation, your orthodontist asks detailed questions about your medical and dental history and your smile goals. Then, they create your personalized adult braces treatment plan and discuss what you can expect in detail.

The carefully selected team at MyOrthodontist works closely with you to assist you on your smile journey. They guarantee you leave every appointment happy and smiling.

You’re never too old to get the smile you want. Call MyOrthodontist or request your complimentary adult orthodontic consultation online today.

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