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The Truth about Ceramic Braces in Fayetteville, NC

Getting braces is an exciting milestone, as it means you’re on your way to a straighter, healthier smile. Most people, when they picture getting braces, envision the silver metal brackets with wires and bands. While this is still a popular, effective choice for straightening your teeth, there are other options available, including ceramic braces. Getting ceramic braces in Fayetteville, NC, has never been easier at myOrthodontist, and we have all the facts you need before getting them attached.

What are ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces, also known as clear braces, work the same way as traditional metal braces: by attaching brackets and wires to your teeth, your teeth will slowly straighten over time as the braces apply consistent pressure to your teeth. Ceramic braces, unlike metal braces, are made out of aluminum oxide and are clear or teeth-colored.

Pros of ceramic braces

Less noticeable: One of the major benefits of having ceramic braces is they are a lot less visible than metal braces. Because the ceramic is clear or tooth-colored, they are hard to see, especially from a distance. This can help patients, especially older teens and adults, feel less insecure about wearing braces.

Less allergenic: Patients can sometimes have an allergy to metal braces, because nickel is one of the metals used to make the brackets and wires. This allergy forms as contact dermatitis, meaning it causes a rash, redness, pain, and discomfort on the skin in your mouth. Ceramic braces are less prone to causing allergic reactions, since they don’t contain nickel, which makes for a more comfortable braces experience.

Durable: When you picture ceramic braces, you might imagine brackets and wires that break easily, like a ceramic plate or pot. This is not the case, however. Ceramic braces are made out of extremely durable material, making them a great alternative to traditional braces without sacrificing the strength of metal brackets.

Cons of ceramic braces

Easily stained: While clear braces are harder to see than metal braces, the trade-off is they are more prone to stains. If you drink coffee, soda, or tea, be prepared to have your ceramic braces stained brown by the coloring in these drinks if you don’t brush right after consuming them. Since ceramic braces are only worn temporarily, this might not be a big concern, but it’s something to consider when deciding which braces are best for you.

Bulkier: Some brackets used for clear braces are slightly bigger than the ones used for traditional silver braces. Since they are clear or teeth-colored, the size difference is harder to see, but it could mean they feel a little bulkier due to their bigger size. Over time your mouth should adjust to whichever braces you choose, regardless of size.

Ceramic braces are an effective alternative to metal braces, and if you are looking to get braces in Fayetteville, NC, contact myOrthodontist to get your free consultation! We will work with you to decide on the best plan of treatment for you or your child, taking you each step of the way on your path to a healthier, straighter smile.

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