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Your Elite Mount Airy Invisalign Provider Right Here in North Carolina

Thinking about using Invisalign to improve the look of your smile? Did you know that there is an Elite Mount Airy Invisalign Provider ready to help? If you live in the Mount Airy, NC area, you can trust your smile to MyOrthodontist team.

Invisalign is a great choice for straightening your teeth without the need for traditional braces. Finding the right provider can make your experience less painful and time-consuming.

Invisalign works for:

  • Adults. Adults love how Invisalign is less noticeable compared to traditional braces, and are able to be removed when needed.
  • Teens. Teens are less self-conscious about Invisalign straighteners, thus more likely to complete their Invisalign Teen treatment.
  • Your Smile. Straighter teeth can make for a better smile, not to mention fewer problems with your jaw and bite.

If you are still not sure whether Invisalign is right for you, that’s understandable. You can read about the differences between Invisalign vs. braces, or just make an appointment with us for a free consultation. Our team of experts can help guide you through the whole process.

Have You Heard of the Elite Invisalign Provider Right Here in Mount Airy?


We understand that finding a good orthodontist can be time-consuming. Our team at MyOrthodontist is your resource for making the best decision when it comes to your smile and overall oral health.

Having the right team of orthodontists can make your Invisalign treatment more effective, more comfortable, and more affordable. This is why you should look for an Elite provider of Invisalign products. Elite Providers rank in the top 2% of all North American providers in terms of patient volume and satisfaction. It is quite a distinction!

MyOrthodontist is the only Elite Provider of Invisalign in Mount Airy. We also have Elite offices in Burgaw, Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, and Wake Forest.

What Patients are Saying about MyOrthodontist in Mount Airy, NC

“I love this place! They were excellent when my daughter had to have braces, from beginning to the end! She was a special case because she had an extra tooth.”
“First time visiting this office and from the treatment I received, I recommend them to anyone.”
“My 1st visit here, they showed compassion and discussed how this procedure would go and offered sedation to calm my anxiety. I had 2 teeth extracted yesterday at my 2nd visit. I was very impressed and this place earned my trust and business…. I look forward to getting dentures knowing they will take care of me.”
“Wonderful staff! Fast appointments and good atmosphere.”
“My daughter is currently a patient at MyOrthodontist and is very happy with her orthodontist. They have been very good to deal with from the parental standpoint and I would recommend them to others.”

MyOrthodontist has a positive reputation in the Mount Airy, NC area, back by our proven track record of success working with Invisalign straighteners.

At MyOrthodontist, we are committed to providing you with the best service and most effective treatments, at every stage in the process. We aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible so that the treatment can be the most effective.

Your Elite Mount Airy Invisalign Provider is Ready to Help

It doesn’t matter if you’re considering Invisalign for yourself or someone in your family. The team at MyOrthodontist is the team you want to be working with.

With our complimentary consultation, you can visit us and discuss your specific needs, obligation free. Schedule an appointment at our Mount Airy, NC office for a free consultation with an alignment expert and Invisalign specialist.

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