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Living with Invisalign > Getting Your Teeth and the Facts Straight

If you’ve determined with the help of your dentist that you need to straighten your teeth, you may want to choose Invisalign over braces. Invisalign will straighten your teeth without drawing attention to them. But what is the real scoop about living with Invisalign?

Living with Invisalign Requires a Little Work

Invisalign will require a little work and commitment on your end, just like braces, if you want the treatment to work. You will need to:

  • wear your aligner trays for 20 to 22 hours each day.
  • brush twice daily and floss as usual (but only around your teeth and not brackets!).
  • clean your aligner trays daily using lukewarm water or the Invisalign cleaning kit.
  • change out your trays about every 2 weeks.
  • visit your doctor for a check-up about every 6 weeks.

But remember, this extra work will only last through the short time of your treatment. And it’s a matter of straightening your teeth for a brighter smile and healthier mouth.

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What It’s Like Living with Invisalign vs Braces

First, with braces or Invisalign, you may have a lisp for the first couple of days as you get used to the new apparatus in your mouth.

Next, remember that both braces and Invisalign will straighten your teeth. Inevitably, you will feel some soreness or discomfort as this happens, but it should not be outright painful or distracting.

With braces, you will feel more soreness for a few days after a doctor visit and adjustment. With Invisalign, you will feel more soreness for a day or two after changing to a new aligner tray, as your teeth get used to it.

But many patients find that living with Invisalign is easier than dealing with braces. With Invisalign, you can:

  • Straighten your teeth without anyone seeing your trays (or otherwise brackets).
  • Eat whatever you want, except for gum, as long as you remove your trays first.
  • Smile confidently without worrying that food particles are embedded in your brackets.
  • Play contact sports without worrying about wire brackets injuring your mouth.
  • Play instruments without having to remove your trays.

Trust the Elite Invisalign Provider in North Carolina

Invisalign offers some exciting benefits over braces. If you’re still wondering which treatment will work best for you, read Braces vs Invisalign > From an Orthodontist That Uses Both to Straighten Teeth. Also, consult with your doctor to verify which treatment you should choose as Invisalign will not work for all cases.

Take comfort in knowing that at MyOrthodontist, you have access to both treatments. As an Elite Invisalign Provider in several cities in North Carolina, our team of professionals can guarantee a pain-free and pleasant experience with braces or Invisalign as you would with our regular dental visits.

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