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Keeping Your Teeth Healthy with Anytime, Mealtime, and Sometimes Foods and Drinks

Hello everyone, this is Naomi with MyOrthodontist. I am a registered dental hygienist and today I’m going to talk to you about three categories of foods and drinks that you should know about to help keep your teeth their healthiest.

Every time you introduce sugars into your mouth, your saliva becomes more acidic. And every time your saliva becomes more acidic, you’re more likely to get cavities. So it’s really important to think about what you’re eating and drinking. The three categories of foods and drinks we’re going to talk about are ‘Anytime’, ‘Mealtime-only’, and ‘Sometimes’ foods and drinks.

‘Anytime’ Foods and Drinks

‘Anytime’ foods and drinks are really good for your body and for your teeth. You can have them as much as you’d like, anytime you’d like they will not hurt your teeth at all. Fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, water, and lowfat milk are examples of ‘anytime’ foods and drinks.

‘Mealtime-Only’ Foods and Drinks

‘Mealtime-only’ foods and drinks have nutritional value, but they also have sugar in them so it’s best to help those with meals. When you chew your food, it increases the production of saliva, which decreases the acids in your mouth caused by sugars and lessens their harmful effects on your teeth. No sugar added fruit juices, dried fruit, non-whole grain pasta, and starchy or sauce-heavy side dishes are examples of ‘mealtime-only’ foods and drinks.

‘Sometimes’ Foods and Drinks

Finally, we have the ‘Sometimes’ foods and drinks which, for Dr. Moray, are the ‘practically never’ foods. These foods and drinks are high in sugar and low in nutritional value, but often used as snacks. They make the mouth very acidic, therefore they are much more likely to cause cavities, obesity, and even cancer. Cookies, candy, soda, and fried foods are all examples of ‘sometimes’ foods and drinks.

Brushing and Rinsing Your Teeth

To keep your teeth clean and healthy, we’d love it if you could brush your teeth after every meal. We understand that isn’t always possible, so if you can’t brush after a meal, rinsing and swishing with water does a great job of rinsing your teeth and washing any leftover food particles off of your teeth.

If you’re wearing braces, keeping your teeth clean can be challenging because food can get trapped in your appliances. If you’re wearing braces, you should try your best to completely eliminate sugary foods from your diet and, at a minimum, definitely rinse with water after you eat or drink anything. For more questions, visit our website or join us for a virtual consultation. Have a great day.

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