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Invisalign vs. Invisalign Teen: What’s the Difference?

Is it right for your teen?  When Invisalign was first invented it revolutionized the way that people thought about braces. Finally, there was a way to correct alignment issues subtly, and without altering the look of the smile. The treatment was an immediate hit and soon came Invisalign Teen. They have the same positive benefits, but Invisalign Teen has some unique features that make it ideal for adolescents:

Invisalign Teen is Great for Young Patients

Complimentary Replacements

Between school, sports, and friends, teens have a lot happening on a daily basis. And as parents know all too well, things inevitably get lost. One of the best things about Invisalign Teen is that it comes with up to six replacement aligners at no charge. That way, if one, two, or five go missing, the replacement charge doesn’t have to come out of mom or dad’s pocket.

Extra Space for Growing Teeth

Many young people that choose Invisalign Teen still have growing teeth. That was always a complication with traditional braces because fixing alignment issues were often difficult in mouths that were always changing.

Invisalign Teen has a special feature that allows it to evolve as new molars begin erupting and actually guide these new teeth into perfect position so that alignment issues don’t persist.

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Tools for Success

One of the best things about Invisalign Teen is that it can be taken in and out. But with that kind of flexibility, it can be hard to tell if the young person wearing it is doing it often enough, and properly.

These aligners feature indicators that tell the patient, parents, and orthodontist if they have been on the teeth long enough to be effective. If there is a problem, it’s easy to correct before it becomes a bigger issue.  Invisalign is an excellent alternative to metal braces.

Features for Moving Roots

In order to correct alignment issues, it’s sometimes necessary to move the roots of the teeth. Invisalign Teen works so well for young patients because it has a feature that can help guide these roots into place.

Thanks to unique power ridges, growing teeth grow into the mouth in exactly the right spot.  Tweet This

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