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Harmful Habits for Your Teeth: Are You at Risk?

Watch out for common bad habits and learn simple fixes.You brush and floss daily and visit the dentist at least twice a year. That means your teeth are as healthy as they can be, right? They’re certainly healthier than if you did nothing to take care of them, but you also need to watch out for bad habits that harm the teeth. You could be compromising your oral health without even realizing it.Do what’s best for your health and smile by watching our for these common habits:

Using the Wrong Eating Techniques

The way you consume food and drink relates directly to the impact that food and drink has on your teeth. For instance, if you regularly chew up ice cubes or chomp down on hard foods like popcorn kernels, it can create microscopic cracks in the enamel of your teeth. Those cracks in term expose your teeth to all kinds of harmful elements. Slurping down sugary drinks like soda is another common problem because it bathes the teeth in harmful sugars and acids. The fix is to watch what you bite down on and drink through a straw.

Treating Your Teeth Like Tools

The biting power of your teeth makes it tempting to use them as a tool when your hands are full, or you need to deal with small, stuck objects. In the wrong circumstances, biting foreign objects can cause your teeth to crack or even fracture. Instead of gnawing your way to a solution, rely on simple and more effective tools like scissors and pliers.

Grinding Your Teeth

This is incredibly common, and many people don’t even realize they grind their teeth because they do it at night. The causes can range from stress and anxiety to misaligned or missing teeth. Over time, the grinding wears down the teeth and weakens their natural defenses. There are a number of solutions, from wearing a mouthguard, to avoiding caffeine and alcohol, to placing a warm washcloth against your cheek as you sleep.

Using the Wrong Toothbrush

It’s natural to think that a toothbrush with harder bristles will be better at removing plaque. In fact, the hard bristles are only better at wearing down your enamel. Older adults especially need to avoid this style of brush. As we age, the gums recede and expose the roots of the teeth. These roots are covered by a thin protective layer called cementum which is easy to wear away through aggressive brushing alone. A soft bristled brush is all you need to completely clean your teeth without doing irreparable damage.

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Get in the Habit of Visiting MyOrthodontist

It’s not always easy to spot our bad habits, and correcting a long-time behavior is never simple. If you suspect that your teeth may not be as healthy as they could be, it’s time to consult with a dentist. The doctor can spot signs of problem behaviors, then recommend effective solutions that have been tested by the medical community. A simple correction now can save you a lot of time, money, and grief down the road. Find a convenient time for a check-up, then book an appointment at MyOrthodontist location nearest you.

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