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Family Dental Care Gives You a Practical, Proactive Option for Oral Health

You’ve seen the concept of family dental care, or family dentistry, in ads and online. Obviously, it involves providing a family with dental care, but what makes it different than general dentistry and is it something you should consider?

Defining Family Dentistry

The concept of family dental care remains unique because it involves caring for teeth of all ages, including baby teeth. A family dentist can provide you with oral health care from the time you’re a toddler until you’re aged and even lacking your natural teeth!

Most family dental care practices offer regular preventive dentistry services like checkups, x-rays, cleanings, fluoride treatments, and fillings. Plus a family dentist can refer you to a specialist if your family needs root canals, periodontal treatments, braces or dental implants.

A general dentist, on the other hand, will offer the same services, but may or may not handle toddlers or children as often.

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So do you only need to consider family dental care if you have kids?

Choosing Family Dental Care Allows You to be Proactive

Sure, you should consider family dental care if you have children or plan to have them. But you may also want to opt for a family dentist if you’d like the same one to see you through many phases of your teeth’s life.

After all, your teeth change with age. And they will change with incidents (like childbirth). By choosing a family dentist, you can alleviate nervousness or lack of trust as your teeth change because he or she will know your history first hand.

Besides offering a long-term sense of established trust, a family dental care practitioner can:

  • Anticipate and recognize fear or apprehension in kids and approach them in a manner that will ease these feelings, and instead, create a positive association with going to the dentist and taking good care of your teeth.
  • Answer questions about dental procedures and treatment options so that people of all ages will understand.
  • Help you streamline appointment times by getting your family members on the same schedule.
  • Allow you to save on gas and time.

What You Can Expect From Your North Carolina Family Dentistry

MyOrthodontist proudly promises family dentistry that comes with compassion and patience so that oral health care becomes a positive and even pleasant series of experiences for all ages and stages of your family. As a leader amongst family dentists in NC, MyOrthodontist takes the concept even further, though. We offer the usual dental preventive exams and treatments. But we also staff compassionate certified orthodontists to provide consistent care when your family needs braces.

Your new positive path to a brighter smile and healthier teeth can begin with a special offer exclusively for new dental patients! Contact one of our North Carolina offices in the city nearest you to get the caring and stress-free family dental care you need under one roof.

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