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Cavities and Tooth Decay In Children

Help your son or daughter stay out of the dentist’s chair. Preventing cavities and tooth decay is something that all of us should be concerned about, and it needs to be an extra priority when it comes to children.


  • Cavities and tooth decay can damage developing teeth more severely.
  • Children are still learning effective oral health habits.
  • Children crave the sweet foods and drinks that lead to tooth decay.
  • Children are a lot less willing to sit through a filling.

Tips to Prevent Cavities and Tooth Decay in Children

Focus on Diet

Foods and drinks that are high in sugar, salt, or acid are a major contributor to tooth decay. Make sure your child is eating healthy snacks that are fresh instead of processed, and drinking water instead of soda or juice. Occasional indulgences are fine, but try to make a healthy diet a priority.

Drink Tap Water

Bottled water is appealing for a lot of reasons. But it is almost never fortified with fluoride, which is essential for preventing cavities and tooth decay. You can get the best of both worlds and save yourself the cost of bottled water by switching to good old tap water.

Get Rid of the Sippy Cup

Sippy cups have been shown to contribute to a condition called baby bottle tooth decay, especially when they are filled with sugary drinks. Only use a sippy cup up to the intended age (around 12 months), and try to stick to fluoridated water as much as possible.

Form Healthy Oral Habits Early

Getting into a healthy oral health routine should start as soon as possible. Brush and floss your children’s teeth for them until they are old enough to do it themselves. Then make sure you are monitoring that they brush and floss daily.

See the Dentist

No matter how proactive you are about preventing cavities and tooth decay, your child will need to see the dentist for regular cleanings and checkups. Schedule the first visit around the child’s first birthday.


MyOrthodontist Loves to See Kids Smile

Teach your kids how to avoid cavities and tooth decay at an early age and they will develop positive habits for life. When you need the assistance of a dentist for a cleaning, cavity check, or cavity treatment, rely on the team at MyOrthodontist to make the process easy, painless, and even fun. Book your appointment at a location nearest you.

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